All-In-One DEI Kit Protects The Most Important Thing: You

All-In-One DEI Kit Protects The Most Important Thing: You

Design Engineering’s (DEI) line of products is largely aimed at protecting your vehicles’ components from the harsh effects of heat buildup, but it hasn’t forgotten about the most important thing of all: you.

In addition to its exhaust and pipe shields, turbo wraps, heat reflectors and insulation materials, DEI offers an all-in-one Pit Crew Safety kit for just $37, featuring a kevlar safety sleeve with thumb holes pre-cut to protect your arms while working in or under the engine bay between rounds. The kit also includes wrap-around-style, scratch-resistant safety glasses, and one-size-fits-all ear plugs with a breakaway cord and a noise reduction rating of 25 dB.

Safety is the most important thing, which is why DEI is proud to offer professional-grade safety protection for mechanics, pit crew members and anyone working around vehicles,” says Mike Buca of DEI. “These items allow you to protect yourself at all times while working on any project.”

  • DEI Safety Glasses – The glasses are black-framed, impact-resistant, wraparound-style protective eyewear that meets ANSI Z87 general-purpose UV requirements. They provide 100% UV protection, are scratch-resistant and are available with clear, smoke or yellow lenses for flawless vision in any environment.
  • DEI Ear Plugs – The plugs feature triple flanges for a comfortable, one-size-fits-all design. They are re-useable and offer a Noise Reduction Rating (NPR) of 25 decibels, with a breakaway cord included.
  • DEI Kevlar™ Safety Sleeves – The sleeves provide superior resistance to cuts, slashes and heat in environments where workers’ arms are exposed. Strong without being bulky, they withstand temperatures up to 900º F, extend past the wrist and include a thumb hole for added protection of the palm area.

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