BMR Suspension Adjustable Upper Control Arms For G-Body Vehicles

BMR Suspension Adjustable Upper Control Arms For G-Body Vehicles

BMR Suspension now offers Adjustable Upper Control Arms for 1978 to 1987 G Body vehicles. These adjustable upper control arms are designed to deter wheel hop and improve your G-Body’s launch. Along with the improved launching capabilities, these control arms will increase drivability thanks to added cornering consistency. Consistency and reliability are crucial on the street and at the track.

Features and Specifications

These improvements are made thanks to the soft rubber bushings that deflect under load (launching) and absorb the impact that will result in a more effective hit at the starting line. This soft rubber cushions the power much like a memory foam absorbs movement. These bushings are nestled into stock stamped steel control arms that are manufactured from heavy-duty 1-1/4 inch DOM steel tubing. Heavy-duty steel ensures that these upper control arms offer the utmost in strength and durability. Thanks to BMR Suspension’s focus on creating a true, heavy-duty adjustable upper control arm users will not fall victim to control arm flex. This rigid design will deliver consistency on the track as well as on the street.

Featuring a single adjustable design (PN UCA461) or a double adjustable (PN UCA463) design, BMR Suspension offers its customers the freedom to further refine their suspension needs. This will allow the customer to dial in the pinion angle to make the most of their G-Body. These designs meet the customer’s needs for precision suspension components required in drag racing, road racing, or even on the street.

BMR Suspension’s adjustable upper control arms are available in a red powder coat (as shown in the photo above) or in a black Hammertone finish. Both of the color options provide excellent visual appeal and thanks to durable finish they will protect your investment from the environment. For more information please take a few minutes to explore the BMR Suspension website.



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