COMP Cams Introduces LST Blower Cam Packages

COMP Cams Introduces LST Blower Cam Packages

If you’ve ever driven a supercharged CTS-V, ZL1, or Z06, then you know exactly how much fun they are. The amount of torque they generate is incredible, as are the sounds produced. And while these cars or any supercharged vehicle is great, there’s always room for improvement.

For SEMA 2020, COMP Cams add new camshafts and complete cam packages for supercharged LS engines. Their LST (Low Shock Technology) blower cams are geared to optimize high RPM power and add boost response. These cams and packages were rigorously tested on the Spintron and dynos and made sure they could squeeze the most or of every component while guaranteeing reliability and valvetrain stability.

One of the nice features of this package is that you can purchase them with everything you need, and all of the components are designed to work thanks to COMP. If you buy the cam kit (CK-Kit), it will include an LS roller camshaft, pushrods, dual valve springs, tool steel retainers, valve locks, spring seats, and valve seals. The master kit (MK-Kit) contains all of the above plus an added timing set and lifters. COMP also offers an optional rocker arm upgrade and LS Cam Install Kit, including all of the required gaskets, crank seal, crank bolt, and cam bolts.

COMP offers two variations of the LST blower cams. The Stage 1 cam is designed for a smaller 5.3-liter mildly modified engine with a blower and works best between 2,000-7,200 RPM. The Stage 2 camshaft was crafted for an LS engine with more significant displacement or a larger blower. This cam is happy in the 2,300-7,400 RPM range and offers more duration than the Stage 1 cam.

For more information on the LST blower cam packages from COMP and other exciting products, check out their website.

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