CP-Carrillo’s Drop-In Gen-V Bullet Piston And Rod Combo

CP-Carrillo’s Drop-In Gen-V Bullet Piston And Rod Combo

There’s been no surprise that the Gen-V engine market is incredibly strong, with forced-induction options everywhere for the engine. However, with it being a newer platform, some people might be hesitant to pull the engine completely out of the car in order to build it properly for boost.

CP-Carrillo has not only addressed that concern, but done so with its line of 1,200-horsepower capable Bullet pistons and rods. Designed to match the factory bobweight exactly and clear the factory oil squirters, the drop-in kit comes with pistons, connecting rods, and heavy-duty .200-inch-wall wrist pins.

On the left you can see the OEM Gen-V DI piston crown design. On the right is CP-Carrillo’s bullet design. It manages to reduce dome volume while maintaining all of the functionality of the OEM DI pocket design.

The Bullet Pistons are made out of forged 2618-T6 aluminum and come with a 1.5mm, 1.5mm, 3.0mm ring package. The DI pocket is based on the factory version but has been slightly altered in order to reduce compression to a slightly more boost-friendly 10.5:1 (with 58.2cc heads) while still matching the DI spray pattern and still maintaining the fuel distribution, which also still helps the emissions, according to Cindy Verkooij, director of sales and marketing for CP-Carrillo.

The connecting rods included in the package are also from CP-Carrillo’s “Bullet” line and are 6.125-inch I-beam designs, made from incredibly strong forged “Carrilloy” 4330M steel. They come with upgraded 7/16-inch tool steel rod bolts as well, to further increase the combination’s strength.

Now, with this kit, you can upgrade your Gen-V 6.2-liter small-block engine for boost, without ever pulling the engine out of the car.

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