FAST Supercharger And Cam Power Pack For LS And Hemi

FAST Supercharger And Cam Power Pack For LS And Hemi

It was announced a few months back that the COMP Performance Group joined the Edelbrock family of companies. Since then we knew there would be some pretty killer mixing of technology, and we’ve seen a kit or two which takes parts from each company and puts them in a single box, but this package is more than that.

“This is the first product to come out of the Edelbrock Group that is a combined effort,” says Trent Goodwin, marketing and media coordinator for the Edelbrock Group. Far more than just parts bundled together in one part number, these packages have been extensively dyno-tested in order to ensure that not only do the parts make power together, but do so safely and reliably.

By taking Edelbrock’s proven 2300TVS (LS) and 2650TVS (Hemi) Roots-style supercharger unit, with integrated high-capacity dual bar-and-plate intercoolers, and adding an application-specific camshaft with COMP’s Low-Shock Technology lobes, and all the dyno-proven additional valvetrain components like pushrods, valvesprings, retainers, locks, seats, and seals, the combination is ensured to make solid power over and over again.

Here you can see the dyno sheets from the three kits. The Gen-III LS on the left at 806 horsepower and the Gen-IV LS in the center at 850 horsepower, both with the 2300TVS supercharger, and then theGen-III Hemi on the right with the 2650TVS supercharger making 1,016 horsepower.

On the LS engine side, kits are available for both Gen-III and Gen-IV LS engines and has been tested to produce over 850 horsepower with a stock-headed LS3 and E85 fuel. On the Gen-III Hemi side, dyno testing on a stock headed 6.4-liter has broken the 1,000 horsepower mark on E85.

Both kits come with a low-boost supercharger pulley which will work with pump gas for initial engine break-in and tuning and can be left on if you aren’t looking to max out the power level. But, since the Edelbrock Group knows that everyone wants more, the kit also includes a smaller pulley which will need E85 or race fuel, but will make all of the boost. If you fall somewhere in-between, there are other pulley sizes available separately.

If this first combined-effort project is indicative of what’s to come from the Edelbrock group, we’re excited, to say the least.

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