Flaming River’s Microsteer Electric Power Steering

Flaming River’s Microsteer Electric Power Steering

Having power steering is a luxury that many performance junkies have been known to remove from their classic rides. It was designed to aid driving but stole valuable horsepower. However, thanks to Flaming River releasing the new Microsteer Universal Electric Power Assisted Steering system, you can have easier drivability and keep your horsepower.

The Microsteer can be easily fitted to virtually any vehicle, without the need to change anything about the current steering system—whether it is a steering rack or a hydraulic system where manual steering currently exists.

We’re told the unique Microsteer Tuning Box allows you to adjust the amount of assistance by using a rotary potentiometer or, if you prefer, you can make the system speed-sensitive by connecting a wheel speed signal to the Tuning Box. A mode selection switch on the box also allows you to choose your preferred method of steering adjustment, be it manual or by wheel speed.

Since your classic probably does not have a wheel-speed sensor, Flaming River recommends purchasing a Hall-effect-type sensor. This is not included in the kit and would need to be purchased separately. The input and output shafts of the Microsteer unit are 11/16-36 and adaptors for many columns are available.

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Finally, the unit weighs a paltry 6 pounds and is covered by a one-year warranty. The Microsteer, electric kit includes a wire harness, waterproof ECU, and potentiometer in the event you prefer manual control. The Microsteer provides electric power-assist to your manual system for your driving comfort. Ideal for custom and classic vehicles.

Currently, a Flaming River column with Microsteer incorporated is available for ’65 and ’66 Mustang, but we are confident that other models will be available soon. This tilt column with integrated Microsteer adds power assist to your classic Mustang while remaining neatly concealed under the dash. It can be used in conjunction with the original Mustang steering box or you can add a new Flaming River manual rack-and-pinion cradle.

Whatever your steering needs might be, you really need to check out Flaming River to get the upgrade parts your hot rod deserves.

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