Ford Performance’s Godzilla 7.3-Liter Crate Engine

Ford Performance’s Godzilla 7.3-Liter Crate Engine

While this announcement isn’t exactly a new one, as we reported the availability of the 7.3-liter Godzilla a few months back, we’re now able to bring you more information than just what is on the Ford Performance website, thanks to Mike Goodwin, product manager for Ford Performance Parts, engines, drivetrain, and calibrations.

We know that the engine displaces 445 cubic inches thanks to its 4.220-inch bore and 3.976-inch stroke and that the heads flow incredibly well in stock form, thanks to the large ports and 2.170-inch intake and 1.674-inch exhaust valves, and that it makes 430 horsepower and 475 lb-ft of torque.

While the peak lift of the cam is known to be .538 inch on the intake side and .600 on the exhaust, we were able to garner the rest of the cam specs as well — the first time they’ve been released publicly, as far as we know. The advertised duration is 297 degrees on the intake lobe and 293 degrees on the exhaust, with a 120.5-degree lobe separation angle and a 109-degree intake centerline.

While the current crate engine offering is straight off the assembly line from the Windsor plant, we are crossing our fingers that will change in the future.

“Drivability development is underway,” says Goodwin of the control pack currently being developed for the engine. It’s built for the engine swap customer, currently.” To that end, We were curious if the current crate engine varied from the production piece at all. “We get them from the Windsor engine plant, bolt them to a shipping cradle, crate them up and ship them out,” explains Goodwin.

When we asked about the potential for a more performance-oriented version in the future, we just got a knowing smile and were told that pretty much since the inception of the return of the cam-in-block engine to the Blue Oval lineup, Ford Performance Parts has been interested in selling a crate engine version.

With the current crate engine currently shipping, we’re very interested to see what the aftermarket and Ford Performance comes up with in the coming months.

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