Fragola’s New EFI Quick Disconnect Hose Ends

Fragola's New EFI Quick Disconnect Hose Ends

The plumbing side of building a race car can be intimidating if you’ve never done it before with all of the different hose end options on the market. Fragola has some solutions to make that process easier if you’re trying to plumb an EFI car with its new ORB and EFI Quick Disconnect Hose Ends.

The cost and time investment of plumbing a fuel system is fairly large, but the new EFI Quick Disconnect Hose Ends are able to reduce both. When you use these hose ends, the number of specialty adapters and fittings required drops significantly. These hose ends are ideal for those who are upgrading a fuel system but will still retain the OEM style fuel rails. The EFI Quick Disconnect Hose ends will work with PTFE, black nylon, and stainless steel hose so you have plenty of options.

Brint Mclellan from Fragola goes into detail on how you can use these fittings.

“These fittings are ideal when you’re plumbing a fuel pressure regulator to a flex-fuel sensor, or a fuel rail to a fuel pressure regulator. They do away with the need to buy extra adaptors like the 3/8 quick connect to a standard AN fitting, and then having to run a hose-end on top of that. These two fittings can shorten up the assembly and really make it look nice. The Orb quick disconnects are a good addition to the EFI hose ends and you can screw them into a fuel rail, flex-fuel sensor, or fuel pressure regulator.

Make sure to visit Fragola’s website right here to see all the options available for both fittings.

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