Garrett Advancing Motion’s New 106mm G57-3000 Turbo

Garrett Advancing Motion’s New 106mm G57-3000 Turbo

The SEMA show has always been about the latest and the greatest, the biggest and the best. Garrett Advancing Motion took that to the extreme this year, with its massive 106mm turbocharger on display. The G57-3000 is the new bad-boy in the lineup and, as the name implies, will support up the 3,000 horsepower in its largest configuration.

Also available in comparatively small 88mm, 94mm, 98mm, and 102mm configurations, they all feature a massive 118mm turbine wheel and tout up to 28-percent more turbine flow compared to the company’s GTX line of performance turbochargers. The G57 series all feature a one-piece aluminum center housing and a 16mm dual ceramic ball-bearing cartridge for the most efficient operation possible.

The G57-3000’s 106mm compressor wheel is impressively large.

For this model, the cast-stainless-steel turbine housings are available separately. With measurements identical to the GTX55 (a 4.25-inch V-band inlet and 5.15-inch V-band outlet) the turbine housings are available with three A/R configurations available: 1.09, 1.25, and 1.41.

For those of you who aren’t looking to run a Pro Mod turbocharger, Garrett also has the smaller G40 series of turbochargers on display, which make a much more reasonable power range of 700-1,150 horsepower with either a 62mm or 71mm compressor wheel and 77mm exhaust turbine.

If you happen to fall in between those G40 and the G57, Garrett also has the new G45 series of turbochargers on display. These range from 67mm to 82mm compressor-wheel models and make up to 1,550 horsepower. “The G40 and G45 are not yet officially available but the G57 is currently available,” says Rob Symonds, product manager for Garrett Advancing Motion. “For the G40/45 we’re expecting they will be available at the beginning of next year.”

The G57’s 118mm exhaust turbine is made from Inconel and has been designed to provide 28-percent more flow than the GTX-series turbine.

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