Garth Wong’s 8-Second LS Powered Ford 100e

Garth Wong's 8-Second LS Powered Ford 100e

We love seeing vehicles making hits at the track that were never meant to be a high-performance machine — there’s just something cool about seeing imagination and horsepower collide.

Garth Wong’s 1960 Ford Anglia 100e fits that mold perfectly: it’s a pocket-sized street car that has no issues laying down 8-second passes. The Ford Anglia 100e is as British as it gets for a car of this era, in both appearance and size. With a wheelbase of just 87-inches, the 1960 model was the shortest of any Anglia, and that worked fine with the 1,624-pound curb weight. These cars were never available with any high-performance options, they were just your standard commuter car.

Wong’s 100e was built by Mike Savage at Andy Robin Race Cars. The 100e has a full tube chassis with shortened front struts up front and a custom 4-link suspension in the rear that holds the narrowed 9-inch rear end in place. Powering the Ford is an LSA crate engine from Chevrolet that has been equipped with a Nitrous Outlet supercharger blower plate system for some extra horsepower. The engine is controlled by a Link Thunder ECU and Wong shifts the gears of the TH350 transmission himself as the Circle D torque converter helps move the 100e.

In this video from Mk1Kieran, we get to see Wong shake the car down and start to really chip away at his e.t. on each pass. You can tell how much of a handful the 100e is, but on the final run, Wong finally gets all of the power to the track and lights the boards with an impressive 8.872-second pass at 160 mph.

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