Holley’s Lo-Ram Intake Is Ready For Big Boost

Holley's Lo-Ram Intake Is Ready For Big Boost

The space you have to work with under the hood of a vehicle is limited, if you’re working with a forced induction application it becomes scarce in a hurry. For those who are using an LS Gen III or IV engine with LS1/2/6 style heads, Holley’s new Lo-Ram intake is your ticket to add horsepower, while not taking up too much space under the hood of your vehicle.

The Lo-Ram intake uses a front-feed design and has short runners with a low-profile base, this makes it the perfect fit for high-horsepower boosted applications. According to Holley, this intake works best with engines that make peak horsepower in the 7,000 to 8,000 RPM range. The Lo-Ram intake will be available in an as-cast satin finish or in a black powder-coated finish.

Holley’s Evan Perkins explains what makes the Lo-Ram intake different from other LS intakes on the market currently.

“The dual fuel Injector LS Lo-Ram front-feed intake manifold was designed with forced induction, high horsepower, and under-hood clearance in mind. There is even a plenum top option that accommodates a burst plate. Having the ability to fit 16 injectors in a compact space really opens the door up for methanol, E85, and dual fuel configurations. Racers are already doing this, but now they have a manifold option that is ready to go out of the box and doesn’t require expensive fabrication work. The Lo-Ram top feed and Hi-Ram have already been a huge hit and this is another in a long line of racer-driven products.”

Holley has a target ship date of 12/21/2020 for the Lo-Ram intake and the street price will start at $779.95. To learn more about the Lo-Ram intake and place an order for one you can do so right here on Holley’s website.

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