Holley’s New Gen III Hemi High Ram Intake

Holley's New Gen III Hemi High Ram Intake

The Gen III Hemi performance parts market has exploded with new options in 2020 and Holley is leading the charge. Holley has made available for the Gen III Hemi its popular Hi-Ram intake as a direct bolt-on option for those trying to coax more horsepower out of their engine.

Since the Hemi Hi-Ram intake uses large intake ports, it has greater flow and will maximize what a set of Gen III Hemi cylinder heads can do in a naturally aspirated or forced induction application. This increased performance is thanks to the runner length and tapered cross-section design that Holley decided to use with the Hemi Hi-Ram intake. To make the Hi-Ram intake more versatile, Holley made sure that Gen III Hemi injectors and Bosch EV-1 style injectors would work with the intake.

Evan Perkins from Holley expands upon some of the features that are a part of the Hemi Hi-Ram intake.

“The Hemi Hi-Ram intake manifold is a cast aluminum intake that focuses on big airflow for high-RPM NA and forced induction engines. The intake is available in satin black or natural aluminum finishes and has an aggressive, race-bred styling that’s perfect for drag race, muscle car, marine, street rod and more. Integrated factory sensor ports, injector bungs, billet oil filler, and PCV ports make the Hi-Ram plug and play for any 2009-and-up 5.7L, 2005-2010 6.1L, and 2011-and-up 6.4L Hemi engine.”

You can pick up one of these Holley Hemi Hi-Ram intakes starting on 11/06/2020 for $899.95 right here on Holley’s website.

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