Jordan Fisher’s Wild Small Tire Ride “Junk Mail”

Jordan Fisher's Wild Small Tire Ride

A creative mind can make solving problems easier, and it can lead to some interesting choices for a race car. Maryland native Jordan Fisher really used his imagination and built a wild small-tire car based around a 1979 Jeep that spent its life as a postal delivery vehicle. Fisher’s wild creation known as “Junk Mail” is one of the coolest heads-up race cars you’ll ever see.

Since a 1979 Jeep wasn’t designed to use a V8 as a powerplant, Fisher started Junk Mail’s build with the subframe from a 1979 Camaro. After the subframe was selected as a starting point, Fisher went about fabricating the rest of Junk Mail from scratch. A Ford 9-inch rearend and 4-link suspension with QA1 shocks are tucked way under the rear of the Jeep. Fisher mentions in the video from Turbo John that he had to switch from a 4.30 to a 3.73 gear ratio, to calm the Jeep down to prevent wheelstands.

Fisher’s Jeep has a very small footprint, and some might think it’s an optical illusion, but Junk Mail’s wheelbase is just 88-inches long. Usually, with such a small vehicle you wouldn’t need a big engine to really get it moving, but Fisher wasn’t interested in going small at all. Junk Mail is motivated by a healthy 632 cubic-inch big-block Chevy that feeds on a hit of nitrous for good measure.

The Jeep has only made a handful of appearances so far and Fisher is still trying to work some bugs out. Right now Fisher is racing Junk Mail with the clocks off, however, in the near future he plans to light the boards and show what this rowdy Jeep can really do.

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