LS Stick Shift F-Body Breaks World Record

LS Stick Shift F-Body Breaks World Record

The stick shift class has been gaining popularity for the last couple of years for all of the right reasons. This class puts man and machine to the test as it’s tough on drivers and the cars as well. Everything needs to be perfect for an excellent pass, including the tuneup, driver, and launch. If something’s not right, the elapsed time will reflect it in a big way. The stick shift cars are exciting because you never know what’s going to happen. Wheelies, broken parts, and missed gears are all part of the equation.

Chris Moore has been racing his fourth-gen Camaro for a while now in the stick shift class. It started as a street car with nitrous and has evolved into a full-on twin-turbocharged track terror. And while Moore has broken his fair share of parts over the years, he’s broken some records along the way. 

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According to Moore, the silver Camaro is the first and only LS H-pattern stick shift car to break into the 4-second zone. It happened at Shady Side Dragway on November 14, 2020. Moore staged the car and then blasted down the track. With a 1.23 sixty-foot time and perfect synchronization between man and machine, Moore managed an impressive 4.97 at 143 mph. If you’re wondering if there’s more left in the car, there is. Moore said, “Unfortunately, I ran out of gear about sixty feet before the finish line, so it should run 150-plus.” 

The Camaro houses a 427 cubic-inch LS powerplant with a Dart Machinery block, Borowski Race Engines CNC heads, and TKM Performance Top Fuel hoops. A pair of VS Racing 7875 turbos handle boost duty, which is bolted to a set of Parker Speed turbo flanges. Moore used Race Part Solutions for all of the piping, flanges, and fittings.

The boosted 7.0-liter LS is connected to a faceplated manual T56 transmission built by none other than Tick Performance. The clutch in the Camaro is from Black Magic Clutches and has allowed for some serious sixty-foot times. Other parts on the F-body consist of Rock Solid Motorsports chute mount and tubular front end, Lowdoller Motorsports sensors, and RC Components wheels. 

Moore said, “When I first got into stick shift racing, most of the local small tire automatic cars were running low 5s. A few of them were in the high 4s in the 1/8-mile. The fast stick cars were running low 6s, and the majority of the stick cars were in the high 6s and 7s in the 1/8th.

If you had told me a few years ago that manual transmission cars would be running in the 4-second range in the 1/8th, I wouldn’t have believed you. Now there have been a handful of H pattern manual transmission cars to do that, and I’m humbled that I can throw my name into that group.”

We want to congratulate Moore on this accomplishment and everyone else that helped him along the way. Stay tuned for a full feature on this car soon at

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