LS Swap In A Box Kit For Second-Gen Camaro And Firebird

LS Swap In A Box Kit For Second-Gen Camaro And Firebird

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that LS-swaps are taking over the hobby. And this is with good reason. The LES engine is reliable, accepts performance upgrades with ease, and is a great way to modernize your classic. But sometimes finding all the parts can be a hassle. That is until Hedman Performance Group came out with the LS Swap In A Box.

The LS Swap-in-a-Box kit gives you everything you need to transplant a modern LS-engine into your ’70 through ’81 (second-gen) F-body hot rod. Hedman is excited to announce this easy-to-use kit that allows the home enthusiasts to easily swap an LS for that tires six-cylinder, small-block, or big block.

Mounting a modern LS engine into a classic has never been easier.

The Camaro and Firebird truly are of the most iconic cars of the muscle car era, but the performance of even the largest available engines for late second-gen cars can be considered abysmal. That makes it an easy decision to upgrade to a more powerful LS engine.

The kit shown (Trans-Dapt PN: 42036) is specific to installing an LS engine with a floor-shift manual transmission package into 1970 through 1974 Chevy Camaro or Pontiac Firebird. Kits for ’67 through ‘69 and ’75 through ‘81 model year and automatic transmission-equipped cars are also available.]

LS Swap

Headers are available in unpainted stainless steel, with a Silver Ceramic Metallic coating, or with Hedman’s Black-Maxx Matte Black Ceramic Metallic coating.

Designed to cohesively work together, this quality kit comes with a pair of  304 stainless steel, mid-length LS swap headers, Trans-Dapt’s F-body LS swap engine mounts and transmission crossmember, and a Hamburger’s LS swap oil pan. Installation hardware, gaskets, and exhaust adapters are also included. In short, everything you need to quickly and securely mount the LS engine without having to make major modifications to the vehicle is in the kit.

Trans Dapt’s LS Swap-in-a-Box kits for 1970-74 Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebirds are available with raw stainless headers (PN: 42224), with HTC Silver Ceramic Metallic coated headers (PN: 42225), or with Black-Maxx Matte Black Ceramic Metallic coated headers (PN: 42226).

LS swap

No need to hunt for the correct oil pan. The Swap In A Box includes that as well. What more could you ask for?

To learn more about Hedman Performance Group’s Swap-In-A-Box series of kits, visit, call (562) 921-0404, or email [email protected].

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