Magnuson Superchargers’ New 3100 Blowers For The Big 3

Magnuson Superchargers’ New 3100 Blowers For The Big 3

We’ve discussed Magnuson Superchargers before, as part of the Chevrolet COPO program which uses the 2650 (2.650-liter) rotor pack from Eaton. Now, with Eaton’s release of a new, larger rotor pack (which you can read about here), Magnuson has been on the ball for redesigning their systems to incorporate the additional displacement.

Magnuson has a penchant for taking cars which already make an incredible amount of power from the factory, and making even more. With this new 3.1-liter supercharger design, Magnuson has already announced upgrade units for the Ford GT500, Dodge Hellcat, and anything in the Chevrolet lineup with an LT1, LT4, or LS3 engine.

“We’re extremely excited about the 3100 systems,” says Derik Lindberg of Magnuson Superchargers. “The 2650 really elevated us to a new level in the aftermarket, and I feel like the 3100 is going to take us even further. It’s bringing us into a new playing field.” Magnuson is taking full advantage of the additional air available with the 3100 kits by making sure all of the systems have adequate cooling.

The “Port Injection” (or PI) kits will fit under a stock Camaro hood, or only require a minor cowl in the case of the C7 Corvette. With the fueling solutions available for port injection, the 3100 kits will be capable of a huge amount of power in a relatively unobtrusive package.

“Really the biggest gains going into a Magnum DI kit is really going to be the cooling,” Lindberg says. “Obviously there’s a difference in displacement [over a stock LT4 supercahrger], but really the cooling is going to be far superior to the factory units. The coolers are about three times the size as the stock units.”

In addition to upgrades for the direct-injected LT series engines, Magnuson will be incorporating the 3100 rotor pack into some of the port-injection LS kits – mainly the Hot Rod kit, 5th-Gen Camaro kit and C7 Corvette kits. “We’re really excited to see what the 3100 will do with our port-injected kits, since we have the fueling capability to make all the power the supercharger is capable of,” says Lindberg. “Plus we can do it all while fitting under a stock hood on the Camaro or a small cowl in the case of the C7.”

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