Proform’s Svelte New Slim-Fit Radiator System

Proform’s Svelte New Slim-Fit Radiator System

Automotive radiator design has been the same for nearly a century. Over time, materials have changed, and flow direction within the radiator has been altered for different applications and options. Yet radiator design has never gotten beyond the basic form.

However, Proform’s latest radiator has changed that primitive thought process. We’ve seen thicker radiator cores that increase the overall size of radiators in the past. All done for the sake of cooling. But we’ve never seen a thick radiator core in a slim profile that provides the same level of engine cooling before.

That’s exactly what Proform’s Marketing Manager Ryan Salata told us. “We’ve upended the radiator industry with this new Slim-Fit Radiator System,” he said. “Enthusiasts no longer have to cobble together a core, a fan, possibly a shroud, and eat up eight or more inches of valuable front-to-back under-hood space – just to get proper engine cooling.”

Many times custom car builders and enthusiasts performing engine swaps, will encounter clearance problems with standard radiators. This Slim-Fit Radiator system was designed to fill that need.

What allows most of this space-saving to happen is integrated electrical fan motor housing that is built directly into the radiator core. Then the Proform engineers flipped the electric fan around so the housing fit into the housing in the radiator core. This gave the radiator and shroud a slim four-inch-thick profile.


  • Radiator & shroud less than 4″ thick
  • Integrated radiator/shroud/fan system
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • 100% fabricated aluminum tanks
  • Hybrid extruded tube core technology
  • Billet aluminum filler neck
  • High-capacity overflow tube
  • Patented innovation and design

The radiator core itself is a hybrid combination of traditional duel one-inch tubes, and full core width extruded tubes. This is combined with a high-performance fan inserted into a smooth aluminum shroud. According to Salata, every Slim-Fit Radiator includes a shroud, electric fan with adjustable thermostat, wiring harness, and radiator cap.

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