Strange’s New Chrome Moly Driveshafts And Yokes

Strange's New Chrome Moly Driveshafts And Yokes

Horsepower has to travel through several components before it meets the surface of a drag strip, and if those parts aren’t strong enough they will be the final destination for that power. Driveshafts, transmission yokes, and pinon yokes are along that path, so it’s vital you select the right ones for your application. Strange Engineering now offers all of these parts in ultra-strong chrome-moly material to meet your power demands.

Strange has been designing driveline parts for decades and it has applied that knowledge to the design of its yokes. The material these yokes are made from has been heat-treated to give them plenty of strength, and they are CNC machined to ensure the concentricity and balance are perfect. These yokes are available for all the most popular rearends and transmissions that racers use. U-joint options include the standard 1350, and beefy 1480 for those who are making big horsepower.

A Strange chrome-moly driveshaft compliments a set of the company’s chrome-moly yokes perfectly. These driveshafts are SFI-certified and available in 3- or 3 ½-inch diameters. Each driveshaft is tig welded, straightened, and balanced before it leaves Strange’s manufacturing facility. The 3-inch driveshaft is only available with a 1350 u-joint, while the 3 ½-inch sized unit can be purchased with the larger 1480 u-joint as an option. Strange uses 4130 seamless chrome-moly tubing to create each driveshaft with a 3-inch outside diameter and .083-inch wall thickness.

You can learn more about these chrome-moly driveshafts and yokes right here on the Strange Engineering website.

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