T&D’s Shaft Rocker Arms For Profiler Heads

T&D's Shaft Rocker Arms For Profiler Heads

Classes like Pro Mod and Top Sportsman require hefty amounts of horsepower and that will put a strain on valve train parts. Racers in these classes and others like them look to companies like Profiler to provide the cylinder heads they need to make big power, and those heads need to be dressed with the quality rocker arms, so T&D Machine Products has stepped up to make this happen.

For the Profiler 12-degree cylinder heads, T&D went with a traditional shaft-mount roller rocker system design. These rocker arms use a one-piece solid stand and will work with 6.800” intake or 6.700” exhaust valves that have 1.000” to 1.050” valve lift. The entire system is based around high-grade components, so they can function in the most extreme environments possible.

This set of rocker arms for the Profiler heads features internal oiling to both the trunnion bearings and the roller tips of the rockers, this ensures they will stay properly lubricated at all times. Because these rocker arms could be exposed to some type of power-adder, T&D added strength to the design by using larger shafts to prevent unwanted flexing. The larger shafts also mean that the bearing size of the rocker arms has been increased, this provides more strength in a critical area and promotes longevity. The adjusters and jam nuts were also treated to the bigger is better mantra from T&D to prevent any issues.

If you are using a set of Profiler 12-degree heads you’ll want to check out these new shaft-mount roller rocker arms from T&D.

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