Titan Fuel Tanks Now Supports Long Bed GMC/Chevy Trucks

Titan Fuel Tanks Now Supports Long Bed GMC/Chevy Trucks

SEMA 360 is in full force and we’ve talked with Mike DeFord with Titan Tanks about their big news this year. Turns out, the Chevrolet and GMC trucks were the focal points of the research and development team. For years Titan has offered support for multiple brands and configurations of trucks but now, both the GMC and Chevrolet long bed trucks now have options.

 TITAN Fuel Tanks keeps coming out with new, extra-large capacity fuel tanks for trucks. They have released five already in the past year, but missing from all of those new releases has been tanks for the 2017-2019 and 2020+ GM long bed trucks. That’s about to change. The company is releasing two new, large capacity, direct replacement tanks.

Part number 7010317 for the 2017-2019 GM Crew Cab, Long Bed trucks will start shipping on December 1st with a retail price of $1399. 

“We finally have large capacity fuel tanks for your long bed Chevrolet/GMC trucks,” said DeFord. “For the 2017-2019 Chevrolet and GMC long bed trucks, TITAN has a new, mammoth 66 gallon direct replacement tank. For the 2020 and later trucks, TITAN is now offering a 60 gallon tank. Like all of TITAN’s direct replacement fuel tanks, there are no modifications required when fitting these tanks, they are a direct fit with no modifications needed, they are made of military-grade, cross-linked polymer and are backed by an unconditional lifetime warranty.”

The 60 gallon tank for the 2020+ GM Crew Cab, Long Bed trucks will begin shipping on January 4th with a retail price of $1349, and pre-orders are now being reserved for both tanks.

For information about TITAN Fuel Tanks and to find out what else they offer for all of your trucks, head on over to their website here for more details.


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