Tuning Your Late-Model Muscle With SCT Performance

Tuning Your Late-Model Muscle With SCT Performance

Are you looking to monitor many essential engine functions? Livewire Vision might be a perfect choice.

When it comes to tuning a late-model vehicle, a screwdriver and a combination wrench are not going to cut it. It’s at this point, you realize you need help from a company like SCT. Take for instance the Livewire Vision Performance Monitor. The latest iteration is optimized for 1996 through 2020 Ford and GM, although 2020 Silverado gas (1500 through 3500) and some of the newer body style 2019 Silverado gas models are not currently supported.

Livewire Vision gives the user virtual gauges and monitoring of vehicle data using the 4-inch touchscreen with on-screen customizable gauges. Data logging is also an option with the touchscreen display that lets you data log engine functions for playback using SCT’s LiveLink software.

Another benefit any late-model enthusiast can really use is the diagnostic tool. While in this mode, Livewire Vision reads and clears DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) with ease. If you’re a performance junkie, and who isn’t, it’s easy to measure real-time performance data, such as 0-to-60, quarter-mile, and braking test times.

The SCT Livewire Vision Performance Monitor puts your vehicle’s vital stats on display. This easy-to-use monitoring device includes the latest data logging capabilities to precisely measure each drive and uncover your vehicle’s power potential. Review your vehicle’s data and performance tests with SCT’s free software, Livelink. Extend the possibilities with additional inputs for analog sensors & backup camera.

If you want to unlock your vehicle’s hidden performance, Livewire TS+ Performance Programmer is what you need. It allows enthusiasts to re-calibrate a vehicle’s computer for increased horsepower, torque, throttle response, firmer shifts, and even improved fuel mileage. The Livewire TS+ will be delivered with preloaded, dyno-proven performance tune files and even holds up to 10 custom tuning files for tune flexibility. All of these are accessible through the customizable touchscreen.


Livewire TS+ is a late-model performance junkies best friend. You can easily boost performance with ease.

Livewire TS+ uses a 4-inch touchscreen so you can track critical performance data using the on-screen gauges. Like the Vision monitor, TS+’s touchscreen display lets you data log engine functions for playback using SCT’s LiveLink software.

Finally, custom tuning support can be created by any SCT Custom Tuning Dealer. They can send tunes over email for you to download to your device using SCT’s Updater software

Whether you are looking to monitor your vehicle’s functions or make a few performance changes, SCT is here to help you make it happen.

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