Weldon’s New 16000 Carb Series Pumps

Weldon's New 16000 Carb Series Pumps

An engine that is making big horsepower needs to be fed plenty of fuel, so to get the job done you need a fuel pump that’s up to the task. Weldon’s 16000 Carb Series Pumps are designed to handle 2,000-3,000 horsepower carbureted engines and are packed with some great features.

Each race car at the track is unique, so mounting a fuel pump can be tricky based on how the car was built. To address this, Weldon designed the 16000 series pumps with multiple mounting holes so a racer can position the fuel pump however they need to for their specific application. The 16000 series pumps are self-priming, this means they don’t need to be mounted beneath the fuel cell, so they can be mounted almost anywhere. To prevent leaking, Weldon used aerospace-grade Teflon lip seals along with a 1.75 square inch diaphragm inside each pump.

Jim Craig, Weldon Racing Products Manager, provides some insight into why the company developed the 16000 series of fuel pumps.

“Weldon saw a need for a reliable carb series fuel pump that incorporated many Weldon features that would be an easy drop-in replacement for the commonly used fuel pumps in carburated applications. By offering the two larger displacement versions, Weldon has now been able to comfortably cover 90% of the markets’ needs. By incorporating a universal bolt pattern base, all competitors’ pumps can be replaced easily with a 16000 series pump by the customer.”

The 16000 series pumps use a -12 O-ring port for the inlet/outlet and -8 O-ring port for the return side. Fuel is moved through the pump by a high-efficiency brushed electric motor and 10 vane steel pump element. There are two versions of the 16000 series pump, the 16250-A flows 250 GPH and will support 2,000+ horsepower, and the 16420 will flow 420 GPH and support 3,000+ horsepower.

You can learn more about the 16000 Carb Series Pumps right here on Weldon’s website.

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